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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we'll be streaming this entire address live for you as the president continues to speak here and is beginning to get political here. two trooo troops in pendleton. thank you so very much for watching. we'll see you back here in washington. we go to washington "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. so why did we have to wait for jay leno to ask the president about this terror threat for him to finally say something public about it. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." p.m. addressing the troops while yemen sell it foiled an al qaeda terror plot, but apparently not the went that let to a worldwide alert? we'll get answers straight from the state department in just a few moments. the national league, her husband was one of the 19 elite firefighters killed together in arizona. now she says she's not getting the full death benefits she desperately needs to raise their four children on her own.
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we'll talk to her momentarily. the sports lead, a braves pitcher tries to teach the nationals' bryce harper some human milt. needless to say the -- these deals bench-clearing brawls don't end, they just move to twitter. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead. right now president obama is speaking to troops and their families in california's camp pendleton, hess last stop on his trip out west. this as the world remains under a vaguely defined terror threat which led the state department to close 19 embassies around the world this week. the president was conspicuously quiet until last night when he broke his silence on "the tonight show." >> whenever we see a threat stream we think is specific enough that we can take some specific precautions within a certain time frame, then we do so.
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>> we first heard about these embassy closings until thursday, but until jay leno asked about it, the president let officials under him handle the public information side of this threat. the alert was issued after a message was intercepted from ayman al swirli. zawahiri. so yemen is saying it foiled an al qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities, and seize two ports, but i can't help but notice the u.s. diplomatic post throughout the region remain closed. is it safe to assume that the u.s. does not believe that that's the attack that was ordered? >> every single day we make decisions about how to keep the men and women who serve arrange the world safe, how to keep american sith sense safe.
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we certainly work closely with the yemeni government, but we evaluate information as it comes in. we have remaining concerns about the threats, and we have not made an announcement to reopen the embassy, but we continue to evaluate. >> i'm assuming our viewers can read between the lines on that answer. thank you. how much concern does the obama administration have that by closing all these embasses and consequence las, the u.s. may appear to be running scared from the region, feeding into this criticism we've heard from some hawks about waning u.s. influence, the suggestion that nobody is daunted by the u.s. anymore. was that a concern at all when this was issued? >> well, i think, jake, that the american people would be encouraged by the fact that people around the world serving and visiting other countries, that we tail every threat seriously. out of an abundance of caution, we closed the embassies. we're providing emergency services to people in most of these country, but we take
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threats seriously we have an obligation to keep people safe. >> but it is a balance, i would imagine. >> of course it's a balance, but there's a bar that we want to pass. that's making sure we are doing everything humanly possible to keep people safe. >> that's why we've continued to provide information not only to the american people, but people around the world. >> by ace nouncement president obama has cansened a summit meeting with president putin that was scheduled next month. before the announcement this morning, the president was on "the tonight show" last night. the president said this -- >> there have been times when they slip back into cold war thinking, and cold war mentality, and what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past, and, you know, we've got to think about the future. there's no reason why we
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shouldn't be able to cooperate more effectively than we do i want putin seems to be like one of those old-school kgb guys. >> well, he edded up the kgb. >> what are the issues when the president is talking about, when he says putin still has a cold-war mentality? >> i think the point the president was making is our relationship with russia has been a roller coaster ride at times. there are places where we agree. obviously we made our concerns well known about edward snowden and their decision to supply temporary asylum, but we have areas where we agree and we need to continue to work together on -- north korea, iran, our drawdown in afghanistan, and that's the balance we're striking. >> senior administration officials say it was likely to be canceled anyway as well as syria, missile productions, you are on the obama presidential campaign 2012, and you all
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mocked mitt romney when he said this. >> this is without question our number one geopolitical foe. they fight every cause for the world's worst actors, the idea that he has more flexibility in mind for russia is very, very troubling indeed. >> didn't governor romney have a point about russia being if not the number one, at least a geopolitical foe, by your own accounts, the relationship in some trouble? >> it's also important to know that secretary kerry is still meeting with his counterpart on friday, because it is such an important relationship. the decision made around the summit on -- that was supposed to be in september had a number of factors. of course snowden was a factor, but there were discussions even before that about whether progress would jump over the bar or pass the bar here to warrant a presidential-level meeting. secretary kerry is hoping to continue the conversation. issues where we agree, issues
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where we disagree, and maybe there will be a summit in the future, but it wasn't the time to do it in september. >> i want to talk about the olympics and some comments that the president made last night concerns the antigale laws that russia has passed recently, especially when it comes to the olympics. how far is the president willing to go when it comes to his concerns about how gale and lesbian athletes might be treated in russia? >> well, i think the president's statement last night speaks for itself. the fact that issues for gale -- are human rights issues, and there's a more obligation to take that into. >> caller: with susha, it certainly will be a discussion on friday and is always a part of the discussion. i think the president was making the point that we all feel as a. go, which is that lbgt issues are human rights issues and they should be high on the docket of conversation. >> but still no boycott on that
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issue or any of the other issues that u.s. has with russia. >> no one is suggesting that from the government, but we do believe we need to continue to make our concerns heard, voice them publicly and privately, and we'll continue to do that. >> we have a lot of other parts of the world i want to get to, but we're out of time. thank you very much. >> thanks, jake. it's been more than two years than since the disaster at fukushima nuclear plant. the prime minister abe is ordering the government to intervene and help tepco with the cleanup. not a bad idea, consideration an estimated 300 tons of highly radioactive water is gushing out of facility every day and seeping into the pacific ocean. this is the first time the government has stepped in to help tepco deal with the problem. right now it's not clear how much contamination the water is doing. coming up t. a firefighters who died trying to save others,
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welcome back to "the lead." in our national lead, it's been more than a month since 19 families lost their loved ones in a wildfire. they were an elite group known as hot shots. at the only survivor of the hotshot crew was separated from the rest of his crew. he spoke to abc news about losing the men he calls brothers. >> asked a million times, why am i sitting here, and why isn't -- why aren't they sitting here with me? i was still with our vehicles in one of buggies. i can hear whoever didn't bring
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their phone, i could hear phones ringing, knowing that it was their wives, their family. i sunk, sunk into my seat, i sunk into myself. i couldn't think. >> now, one of the victims' widows is speaking out, saying she's denied by the city the lifetime benefits she needs. ryder, shilo, tate, and choice, juliane ash craft joins me now from prescott, arizona. jillian, first, thank you for being here, and our deepest condolences. i can't imagine what you are going through. how are you doing? >> oh, it's a roller coaster. thanks for having me, jake. you'll have to excuse me. i'm feeling emotional. that's the first time i've heard brendan speak about that. it's got me pretty teary, but i'm okay today. >> i'm so sorry for what you're going through.
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to turn to the issue that you want to address. can you explain to us the benefits you're getting from the city and what you say you're being denied? >> well, sure. essentially all i can say is my husband was a full-time employee for the city. the benefits package they have presented to us would be basically a government benefit that would come in as well as a work men's compensation, and that would be it. the rest would be private donations that people have been sending in. but it would not include the things that the other six full-timers are receiving. >> how have the city officials responded when you expressed this concern you have, the fact that you have four beautiful children that you still need to continue to take care of? >> we met with them one time. that meeting was extremely contentious. they were rude and unprofessional. it took me by surprise.
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i was grateful i went in there with counsel so they could be explaining with me some of the information i might not understand. i felt horrible for the families that went in there or most who have gone in without any legal counsel, because it was rude and unprofessional. i just felt no compassion. i kind of expected to go in there and they would feel like they had lost great employees as well. there was just no sense of loss or devastation on their part whatsoever. they made personal attacks, and were rude, and in some way condescending. it was unfortunate. i was shocked and extremely disappointed. >> i don't want to make you revisit anything unpleasant, but can you give us an idea of the personal attacks that they launched? >> sure. you know, i mentioned to the hr department that my husband did work full time, my kids and i sent him off to work 12 months a year, and her response to me was that it must be a marriage issue, that perhaps we had bad communication in our marriage is why i did not understand his
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employment status. later in the conversation, when we readdressed the issue that andrew was in fact a full-time employee, she said maybe you're -- we did not select him, he was never even our second pick. he was always our last pick. which i was there saying he was promoted for a lead ppgs, the rookie of the year the first year. he exceeded all expectations. he was receiving promotions on a routine basis, so for her to say that he was not someone they would select for a supervisor position was an an attack on his character. >> just a reminder, they're characterizing your husband and saying he was a seasonal firefighter, therefore not eligible for lifetime benefits. as you point out he worked full time. >> correct. >> are you planning on filing any type of lawsuit? >> well, we have 180-day period wherein we would need to do
4:17 pm
that. certainly we reserve our right to do that if it comes to do that. that is not my hope. my hope is a resolve of this issue, that amicableably we can come together and decide how to fix this. i don't want any sort of anger or animosity, but i am a single mother of four children. that's why my husband was working, to be able to provide for us. i have to fight for what he already earned. it's sad that i have to go this way. i will do whatever i can to get our resolve. i don't know why it ever got this way. i'm sad because, you know, my family and andrew's family for decades back have been in the city of prescott, have been in the community. i'm just shocked, and i've been grateful to the people who have stood up in support of us. there's been state officials that have done lots to stand in support of us, and i'm so grateful, even for members of the city of prescott and certainly the fire department has done everything they can do. there's just a handful of elected officials that i can't
4:18 pm
seem to get to understand my husband was a full-time employ aye, entitled to the same benefits as the other six full-time employees. >> i have to say if someone did start casting aspersions, i'm sure i share of views of everyone watching, that that's outrageous. i certainly hope that was some sort of misunderstanding. obviously to the rest of the world we think of them as unbelievably brave and valorous. tell us about andrew, what do you want mime to remember beyond how brave he was? >> andrews was a family man, an incredible husband, a loving father. he had a unique individual relationship with each of our children, so they all feet a massive void. he just had a strong presence everywhere he was. he never had an enemy. he worked himself as much as he could for whatever cause he was
4:19 pm
engaged in. it was above and beyond. he would do what he was called to do, and all of those guys are the same way. the entire crew would go above and beyond. andrew had just a little spark about him that he always -- you always knew he was there. he was happy. he was full of life. he lived every day to the fullest. so in 29 years, he lived a life he can be proud of and lived every moment. i don't think a lot of people can say that, even if they live a long life. he just lived it to the fullest. >> jillian, before you go, is there someplace where any viewers who want to make a donation to you and the other families, where they can go to help you with your four children, to help the other families? >> sure. well, thank you for asking. prescott firefighters charities is a great place to go. the 100 club is also helpful. i just want to say thank you to everyone who has been -- that's how my bills are being paid
4:20 pm
right now. so those are the -- there might be other organization i'm not aware of, but the 100 clubs, the prescott firefighters charities, that will come to the families, and that would be a great place. >> and if you at home didn't have your pens handy, we'll put it up on our website at julian, keep you posted, and please send our love to your children, and good luck to you. >> thank you, jake. coming up, mitt romney comes out of the new hampshire woods and rattles the faithful. we'll have two hosts of cnn's new show "crossfire." it may not have been a bench-clearing brawl, but online fists were flying. ♪ stick with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." now it's time for the sports lead. baseball brawls are not what they used to be, the good old roundhouse throwdowns of yesteryear? they start on the field and end on twitter. the latest happened last night after bryce harper blasted a home run, and he decided to admire it a little too long. julio tehran didn't appreciate that, so he drilled harper with the first pitch the next time up. the benches were cleared.
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that said -- clown move, intro, a quote from bryce harper himself to a reporter last year. nationals responded which part? but the braves got the last laugh with their 12th win in a row. it's giving the super bowl shuffle a run for worst football video every. the manning brothers, peyton and eli rapping for the nfl on your phone. strap in. ♪ football on your phone ♪ now to have football on your phone and football in your pants ♪ ♪ this guy is using her phone as a phone neath your phone's a football ♪ truly horrific. yet another reason why the nfl off-season were shorter. for more than a decade it was a dungeon, but today castro's house of horrors was finally reduced to rubble. what does the irs and tea
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welcome back for being the lead." in national news, no coat of paint, no window treatment, no carefully worded listing could ever enhance the curb appeal of ariel castro's cleveland home. it's probably better that no one will ever live inside again. maybe if they put a damp towel under the door, congress won't notice, the first dispensary opens for business, right in the backyard of lawmakers who have upheld the federal ban on the product. the pop culture lead. this week is always a rafflenous rating, but has discovery channel finally, and forgive the phasing, we can't resist, jumped the shark? in national news, if you
4:30 pm
thought the i.r.s. targeting scandal, controversy, whatever you want to call it, was forgotten, think again. house oversight committee clirm darrell issa is demanding a copy of all communication between irs and the federal election economics. dana bash is breaking this news. he joins us with the details. dana, this news was prompted by something you reported earlier this week. >> that's right, we reported earlier this week about an e-mail that came from an investigator, to lois lerner, asking about a conservative group. the vice chairman of the said it races questions about whether there was inappropriate contact between the two agencies. darrell issa at this point is expanding his investigation. he announced today, at least he did so in a her to the head of the fec.
4:31 pm
cnn otained the her. what he is asking the fec is to do is turn over records with the irs. it raises, quote, the prospect of inappropriate coordination about tax-exempt entities. among the thing he's demanding is all communications between the irs and the if. ec dating back to 2008. i should underscore the republican fec commissioner i talked to, heunder scored that he is not sure that anyone nefarious or sinister was going on, but it should be investigated. and now it is. >> there's a lot of acronyms. >> alphabet soup. >> the original controversy is whether or not the irs was unfairly -- not allowing tax-exempt status. that was the allegations. this is about whether or not the irs, the same people were also reaching out to the federal
4:32 pm
election commission? >> or vice versa, whether people at the federal election commission were reaching out to the irs. the bottom line is if there's information in the public domain, there's nothing el lyle. they can talk about -- if it is private, it could potentially be illegal, so that is basically what they're looking at. again we don't know -- the same republicans three throwing mud against the wall, but the fact is they e-mails that were described, do show that there was communication that is questionable. there's why the republicans are expanding their irs probe to get another -- the federal election commission basically regulates political speech. >> democrats say nothing to see, this is a witch did not hupp. darrell issa hasn't found anything in the first attempt, now he's expanding because he couldn't find anything? >> that's exactly what they're
4:33 pm
saying. >> keep us posted. thank you so much. the house where ariel castro used to rape and torture three women for a decade is being reduced to rubble. the demolition began around 7:30, when an aunt operated the excavator to strike the first blow. another survivor michel knight was there to watch the demolition handing out yellow balloons. she offered a message of hope to the parents still looking for their children. >> you were there for me when i was missing. i want i want the people to know they can have strength. they can have hope. >> he joins us now from martin -- cleveland. martin is the home there anymore? is there anything left? >> reporter: no, jake, it's gone. in fact they are down to digging up the driveway. that's how extreme they're
4:34 pm
going. they want to make sure there's nothing left. so that horrible noise you hear is them digging up the driveway. they have been covering the site with earth they've been trucking in. the goal is by the end of the day to have no trace whatsoever of the house that stood there. they knocked it all down, laying down the soil. they palace to put down grass seed. most communities don't like an empty lot. this one they welcome, jake. >> what about the victims we heard from, michel knight. obviously did you talk to any of the family members of the survivors? >> reporter: well, you know, i did talk to the aunt, that was the one who mentioned who had the honor to get behind the gear of the big huge excavator, who make this very satisfying crunch when she made contact. she is not a trained professional. they gave her a quick lesson. i said, well, how was it? she had this big beeming smile
4:35 pm
and said, it was great, and then she dissolved into tears. it really sort of shows you the mix of emotions on this street. they're glad to see the how go, but they know what it represents. it's a tryumph and pain on the very same day. they'll just have to now pick up the pieces after this and move on. >> martin, thank you so much. it was like a presidential news conference with a comedian asking all the questions. jay leno putting president obama in the guest chair. it was a "tonight show" that stressed policies over punch lines. plus a disturbing trend in tv fiction. why are showing that belong on sigh satisfy airing on animal planet and discovery channel? those stories are coming up.
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welcome back to "the lead." now time for the politics lead. last night mitt romney made a rare appearance. about four miles from where the romneys have a vacation home. while he's been largely staying out fray, he did manage to throw some fuel on the fire of the growing war within, but warning against the government shutdown over obama care. he said -- i badly want obama care to go away. stripping it of funds has appeal, about you we need to exercise great care about any talk of shutting down government. i'm afraid in the final analysis obama would get the funding, our party would suffer and the people of the nation would not be happy. i think there's better ways to
4:40 pm
remove obama care. i want to bring in two co-hosts of cnn's new show "fire." this is one of the big fights in the mitt romney is now part of that, saying this is not program, i like the goal, but this is not what we should do. what do you think is right? >> i know, i don't know if it's ultimately in the end of good strategy, but i will agree with ted cruz on one thing. 40 repeal votes on the house floor were meaningless. this is at least an idea that has some practice prescription behind it. you can follow where it's going to go. it may or may not work, but to mitt romney's point there, i think he's a smart guy, and we should all want to take advice
4:41 pm
from him on myriad economic issues. i think we should sent him to detroit. where i don't welcome hi opinion is on political strategy. i'm not trying to be smug. i don't think hess 'proven himself to be a particularly adept political strategist, so warning republicans about the optics of the messaging, i don't know that he's sort of the best adviser. >> van, i'm sure you have some thoughts on the showdown, and also with the obama administration on defunding obama care. >> i think first of all i'm going to buy some popcorn and love this. they don't have a job creation strategy, so they're going to talk about this other stuff. i think a couple things we have to watch for. watch -- this is the opening of a split in the republican party.
4:42 pm
it's not just young versus old. there are different roles here. you have somebody like a rand paul in an open war now with chris christie over everything from spying to budgets to military. it's going to be a -- i think shutten down the government is the worst thing -- >> you look -- >> rand paul and chris christie are both staking out ground, so they don't have to bother doing that in the messaging wars in 2016. that's at least how i see it, but there's also personal bad blood there. i think a lot of republicans were ticked out of when chris christie wagged an indignant finger and said how dare you question where we're going to spend sandy aid. >> they might, but chris
4:43 pm
christie didn't do himself in favors, i think he's right to stick up for his people saying my folks are drowning, but i think his style of immediately going nuclear, do you want this guy who goes for any reason at all to have the nuclear football? i don't think so. i think he's hurting himself. i think -- you don't think so? >> i do. i think he's right on a host of issues. on that issue he was dead wrong. there was a great way to say we need our aid and we need it now. he didn't have to scold the rest of the party who's always been fiscally conservative. just ask mike finn who went to bad for offsetting -- and he paid a political price for it, but he still looks back on that moment with pride, 'had should. >> i want to turn to something that president obama said on "the tonight show."
4:44 pm
-- or whatever it's called -- >> whatever it's called. >> he was talking about the leaks that ed snowden made. let's take a look. >> we don't have domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. >> so i thought that was going. >> i would hate to see -- i would hate to see us with one if we don't have one now. >> we don't have a -- first of all obviously we have a domestic spying program. >> of course we do. >> but beyond that -- >> listen. >> what does the president -- >> i love this president, everybody knows i love this president, but this is ridiculous the first of all we do have a spying program, and we need to figure out how to balance these things out. he said something else that i
4:45 pm
thought was awful. he said if somebody like snowden wanted to be a whistle-blower, they could have gone ahead. hold on. you are prosecuting more whist the blowers than every american american president combined. you can't yuck it up and say, well, whistle-blowers, come on out and we'll treat you right. i think what you're seeing is both parties are starting to split and twist a bit. >> i think where democrats are in a tough spot, as van is pointing out, civil liberties of all kinds, whether it's due process, extra judicial -- the espionage act, the drone program whose mantra was, what drone program? all of these issues were really in democrats' wheelhouse, but for four years they went into a self-induced coma that we're not going to talk about this.
4:46 pm
now some are walk waking up that we'll lose credibility if we don't start asking credibility. >> and we'll lose civil liberties. s.e. kipp, and van jones, looking forward to the debut on september 16th. again, monday september 16th only on cnn. best of luck to you guys. >> thank you. politicians dish out and take their care of pot shots, but not like this. could this be a gateway law? and later, how "ebony" is keeping trayvon martin's story and memory alive. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming.
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welcome back to the lead. now time for "the buried lead." this one is on our backyard. the skunky aroma usually associated with willie nelson's tour bus could soon be wafting over the steps of the nation 'capitol. our athena jones has the story. is this the andy establishment tradition of washington d.c. thumbing its nose at congress? i can't imagine they would approve. >> jake, i can tell you this has been a long time coming. d.c. voters voted to make medical pot legal in 1998, but that skunky aroma you're talking about, the one that gives people the munchies, congress blocked that for more than a decade. the big dilemma is even though d.c. now says these patients can smoke weed, federal law still says they can't.
4:51 pm
medical marijuana is now for sale, just blocks from the u.s. capitol. with names like master crush, blue dream, the for-profit capitol care dispensary sells what it calls high-quality medical cannabis. >> it's only applies to people with cancer, ms, spasticity disorders, that kind of thing. >> it comes from a doctor who treats them d. and they can buy what he need to use it. the district of column by use joins 20 states. the problem for them -- it's still illegal under federal law and that a congress nor the dea looks forward to changing that any time soon. a 2009 justice department memo said prosecuting medical marijuana users was not a priority, but two years later, another memo stressed that distributing it is illegal, regardless of state law.
4:52 pm
>> they said, well, you are state legal, but still not federally legal. >> crackdowns on medical marijuana providers in states like washington and california are proof that selling weed for any reason is risky business. >> you can lose all your assets, subject to seizure by the dea or other federal entities action but more importantly you can lose your liberty. you can wind up in federal prison for many years for operating medical marijuana dispensary i want for now capitol city care has high hopes that d.c.'s medical marijuana program can change minds where it counts. >> will it be a model of proof that this can work? >> i think so. i think we're running a very tightly run program, one that's serving a community underserved for far too long. and when it's in your backyard -- -- >> so we'll see if it change. but administration official who deals with drug policy told me that while the administration is
4:53 pm
against people smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, the government does support research into drugs that use the active ingredients in marijuana in a safer way, like in pill form. >> interesting story, athena jones, that i you so much. so the big question is pot the best medicine? dr. sanjay gupta has a special "weed" sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up next, it must be true, i saw it on the discovery channel and on the history network. the networks with an entire show dedicated to busting myths create a big myth of its own action and some of their more gullible viewers swallow it hook, line and sinker. ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection. new heartfuls from beneful baked delights. "that starts with one of the world's most advancedy," distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks,"
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vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. now time for the pop culture lead. the discovery channel has come a long way since the early days when the highlights were like the migration patterns of the whooping crain. discovery is right in the middle of shark week. it's always a ratings smash, but they kicked things off this year by hoodwinking the viewers.
4:57 pm
you weren't fooled, were you? >> you know that the i get mer made is an animation. and they were fake, but what about this footage of alleged mer maids that recently aired on animal planet? or this image on the discovery channel? those were packaged in documentaries on channels known for documentaries. the story of a giant extinct shark that may still lurk far beneath the waves. >> the overall narrative is completely false.
4:58 pm
>> and it was all nonsense. the discovery channel was following in the footsteps of animal planet. and serve up footage of creatures that have never existed? >> the network aired this footage in a special called mer maids, the new evidence. evidence, right there. 3.6 million viewers saw it and more than a few believed it. silly viewers. they must have missed this disclaimer. to be fair, the truth was written on the screen in bright white font three times. did you blink in we'll slow it down for you.
4:59 pm
according to the discovery channel's online poll, a poll as unscientific as that show. >> what looks like a big shape, and moves quite past, we don't know exactly what it means. >> discovery channel is one of the world's top sources for educational programming, which makes this shark week show all the more shocking. >> if this had aired on the syfy channel, i probably would have loved it, but slash week has millions each year. >> discovery seasonal alone. the history clan action presumably meant for things in the historical report has been airing ancient aliens footage for five season. ufos, is this all just fine? or is this a


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